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Tower defense-Defense legend 2 v3.4.5 (Mod) Apk สำหรับการดาวน์โหลดฟรีของ Android

เกม, Strategy
3.4.5 สำหรับ Android
ม.ค. 16, 2563

Follow the success of Defense Legends and bring gamer version 2 of Defense Legends 2 with many new and exciting features. This is a completely free strategy game.

Tower defense-Defense legend 2 brings Defense Legends - Tower Defense (TD) player many fun and interesting things. Make sure players don't get bored looking for new maps and new weapons.

After being completely defeated in defense legends, the Dark Forces are quietly preparing to make the armed forces more often, more aggressive, and selective, with the goal of uniting the world a second time. To thwart these attack campaigns, great generals have developed new tactics and new tactics to counter it.

Strategy game - In the strategy game - players need to not only build towers with a good position to take advantage of the best features of each type of weapon but also analyze the direction of the enemy's attack, its strategy, and tactical thinking. Leave ready to change strategy game with surprise attacks by the enemy.

Tower defense-Defense legend 2 was developed based on the tower defense category, so the right strategy leads to victory.

Tower defense-Defense legend 2 is a strategy game that always increases the excitement in the players by keeping the relief in control and the assignment of weapon power in victory. Tower Defense - Defense Legends 2 solves this problem very well.

New Features:

Tower defense-Defense legend 2 disassembled new weapons in combat and made a difference in the Tower Defense (TD) game.

  • LDC-055: A combination of explosives helps a large number of enemy soldiers in situations.
  • UXO - W: Sound wave bombs with a lot of power spread to destroy enemy waves completely.
  • Ice Age: with the ability to freeze all enemies, the route is scanned during the period.
  • BF1: BF1 has a lot of bombs with 5 fighter planes that are afraid of the enemy.
  • Hellfire Field: Fire from Hell will destroy all enemies on the way.
  • Supergun-F: Weapons that act like missiles and warheads. Destructive power. Unlimited range.

Warship Corps is a very dangerous army that needs attention to give players the right tactic. In particular, a multi-dimensional offensive strategy is a really big challenge for the player.

Let's play and enjoy Tower defense-Defense legend 2. You will see that this is a great strategy game.

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