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18.0 for Android
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Dec 23, 2019
Create posters and flyers for your business in seconds after using beautiful and professional video design templates.

Video flyer features:

1. Collection of professional and beautiful video flyer templates
2. High-level customization support
3. Nice video collection
4. Nice photo stickers
5. Add text with lots of fonts and text effects
6. Share on social media
7. Easy to use

Just select a design template

You don't have to start from scratch, we've created many free and paid video flyer videos created by professional designers to get your video travelers started.

5 Reasons to Use Video Travelers for Your Special Occasion:

1. Reach your audience:
Everyone is on social media these days. For companies, brands, musicians, artists, self-employed, entrepreneurs and many others, it is important to have a social media profile about their customers and their upcoming events to showcase their products and services.
2. Get creative:
If you decide to promote your special event on a video flyer, there is plenty of scope for how creative you can be. You want to highlight your video flyer, but also highlight the main message, whether it's a sale or an open house.
3. Digital Marketing:
Flyer design is important, and the video speaks for itself and can go a long way in tone and realization. Use digital media to sell your products and services.
4. In. Promotion:
Ziff Flyer also gives you space for incentives like voucher codes and vouchers. This is a great way to bring interest and early awareness of your event. Use your Ziff Flyer as an incentive mechanism by giving discounts to the first 20 people with special coupon codes.
5. Measurable:
Use your video flyer as a measurement tool to determine how successful your event was and what you can learn for the future. By adding flyer numbers, custom URLs, and QR codes, you can monitor how successful your video flyer campaign has been.

While we certainly consider a great flyer to be a work of art, this app is eye-catching and makes it marketable for GIF or ORF travelers. '

Encourage your followers and customers by promoting the shows, products or services that come with your own. OK, you can easily create your own video flyer even if your experience is a little limited to the traditional art of crafting.

If you're looking for ways to animate an already used sales flyer, convert a static sales flyer to animated motion graphics or a video flyer.

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The app is also useful for digital marketing, branding, marketers, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising, ad creation, providing ads and photos for your shop, restaurant, office fees or social websites.

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