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Earthquake Network Pro - Realtime alerts v10.1.19 (Paid) Apk for Android Free Download

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Francesco Finazzi
10.1.19 for Android
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Jan 16, 2020

Earthquake Network Pro is the most widespread application for an earthquake and the only earthquake early warning system for most countries in the world.

Earthquake Network research project receives no external funding. With the purchase of the Pro version, you support the project and its continuous improvement to provide quick and reliable service. Thank you!

  • Real-time earthquake detection using a smartphone network
  • Earthquake warning seconds ago
  • Earthquake user report
  • Automatic email and SMS with your coordinates when an earthquake occurs in real-time
  • Earthquake data from national and international seismic networks
  • Earthquake History 2000-2017
  • Chat rooms for exchanging information during earthquakes


  • Earthquake notifications by a voice synthesizer
  • Earthquake warning on vibrations by your smartphone
  • Earthquake scene with aging reality
  • Gossip priority during earthquakes
  • Earthquake History 1900-1999
  • No advertising

The Earthquake Network research project aims to develop a smartphone-based earthquake early warning system that can detect earthquakes in real-time and alert the population in advance. The smartphone can detect earthquakes thanks to any device on the accelerometer board. When an earthquake is detected, users who have installed the app are notified immediately. Since seismic waves travel at limited speeds (5 to 10 km / s), it is possible to warn people who have not yet been reached by harmful seismic waves. Scientific details of the project can be found in the bulletin of the American Seismological Society.

With the Earthquake Network app, you can receive real-time alerts about earthquakes detected by the network and chat with earthquakes and other earthquakes you experience in an emergency. If an earthquake is detected near your location in real-time, the app can send an automatic SMS and email to the contact list with your specific location in space. This can be helpful for rescue without any user interaction with the application. You can also send a request for help or say that you are OK with just one click. The application also displays information on earthquakes detected by national and international seismic networks.

Note that information about earthquakes is published by national and international seismic networks with a delay of a few minutes to several hours, which is usually based on seismic networks.