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ImperiHome – Smart Home & Smart City Management v4.3.14 (Pro) Apk لالروبوت تحميل مجاني

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4.3.14 لأجهزة الأندرويد
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محرم 09, 1441
Imphyom, your smart home in the middle of a smart city

Devices Control Home Automation b Controls from all brands or connected devices with your app:

Connected speakers: Sonos, Yamaha, Bose ...
Connected lamps: Philips Hue, Wise, Yelight, LifeX
Connected Camera: IP Camera All Brands JPEG, MPEG, NetMomo, Nest ...
Home Automation Systems: GCE Electronics, Vera, Wink, Gadom, Indonomus, Fibro, Zipato, Home, Nero, Xiaomi, Fibro, Z-Way ...
Multimedia: Harmony, Cody, Spotify 2.
Thermostat: Netamo, Kuvivo
Health: Fitbit, Nokia / Wings, Joban
Associated alarms: Sophie Protect, MyFox

ISS Ports: Domotic, Homestead,
Tasker Plugin Available (Premium Version)

Here you can find all the brands available in the app

Or Smart Access the open data of your city or your state Smart City!

Pollution, how is the air quality in my city? Air Now (USA), Air Periphery (Paris), EEA (Europe), Pravier (France) ...
What are the weather forecasts? OpenWeatherMap
Energy, how much is my electricity consumption? Knife connection with Andes (France)
Mobility, bicycle available below? Velib (Paris), Citybike (NY), Velo V (Leon), .....

Here you will find all the services available in the application

Customize the user interface of your smartphone or tablet with unique features

- Widget, combo, build customization
- Voice recognition
- Action while reading NFC tag
- Integrated and shared graphic modules
- Call for predefined numbers
- URL link, website integration.
- Integration of views from your home nation automation b from x
- Configurable dashboard with intelligent widgets (limited to the free version)
- Android shortcut
- Automatic identification of the network used (local or remote)
- Import/export this configuration locally or to our servers (Pro version only)
- Automatic standby output with motion detection (depending on device type) with the front camera.
- Rest Control API (Pro version only)
- Android Wear support (voice commands and my camera display)

. Data protection for local applications, your data, and technical support

Imperihome is a native application that does not store your data on a remote server. The data of your connected .objects is in the application.
The premium version provides .com access to the technical support of smart home specialists.

Free version and premium version

Once your account is created, the free version gives you access to basic features and lets you integrate your first few elements. The premium version is available as a package or subscription without limited time commitment at limited prices.

Your account has. Access for Android and iOS.

Application languages

IOS device: English and French
Android devices: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian